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Today's fast-paced corporate environment requires rapid design, development and deployment of web-enabled business systems that meet user requirements, deploy on time, under budget and provide a path to the future through maintainability and extensibility. Most organizations are wrestling with new technologies such as object-oriented, distributed development, J2EE/Java, XML technologies, UI design & construction, component-engineering architectures and disparate hardware platforms along with new application paradigms such as Service-Oriented Architecture, ebXML, Web Services, XML/Wireless/Handheld technologies, B2B (Business to Business), EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) and eCommerce.

Chaeron Corporation was founded  to assist corporations in achieving their business and systems goals through the architecture, design, development and implementation of Service-Oriented applications with a focus on Web Services, ebXML, and J2EE technologies, targeted at B2B, EAI, eCommerce and Location-oriented (GPS) systems.

Chaeron Corporation was founded over 10 years ago to assist corporations in the management, design, development and deployment of state-of-the-art applications and systems. Chaeron specializes in Service-Oriented Architectures, including: ebXML, Web Services, J2EE, XML technologies, object-oriented, component-engineered and message-based business applications and the creation of "magnetic" web and eCommerce solutions.

Chaeron consists of a battle-hardened and experienced team of technology specialists that is intensely motivated and hyper-productive in achieving client goals. Chaeron's sterling track record is in part due to extensive experience in managing large, international, multi-location advanced technology projects, combined with comprehensive capabilities in Executive/Team/Project Management, Business Analysis, Architecture, Design, Development and Quality Assurance/Testing.

Chaeron has real-world, proven expertise in leveraging Service-Oriented architectures and advanced technologies such as ebXML, Web Services, J2EE/Java, XML technologies, C++, MOM (Message Oriented Middleware), EJB (Enterprise Java Beans) and Database Management Systems in the delivery of robust mission-critical business applications and B2B, EAI, Web-based and eCommerce systems. Chaeron also has extensive experience in delivering embedded Java, wireless and location-based (GPS) solutions

Whether providing objective advice to executives, leading, motivating and building technology teams or complementing IT staff on a project basis, Chaeron can help map a corporation's business objectives into maintainable and extensible business systems that are functional, on time and under budget.

Please download our comprehensive, print-ready Chaeron Corporate Overview (in PDF format, 101kb) for more information.

We believe in the Agile Alliance Manifesto and practice Agile Software Development Principles.

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