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MGDP Demonstrated at JavaOne 2002!

Here is a collection of some images from JavaOne 2002 where we demonstrated the Mobile GPS Demonstration Platform project live.

While all of the other big boys (Sun, IBM, BEA, etc.) were just talking about the promise of Web Services interoperability, Chaeron demonstrated live, end-to-end Web Services integration from an embedded/realtime Java processor (with wireless and GPS onboard) to a back end J2EE-based position tracking web service and to the .NET aerial satellite photography TerraService and back again! Score one for the little guys working out of a "garage"! ;-)

Click on any image below to get a larger view:

The JavaOne Crowd at the Systronix booth

The crowd at the Systronix booth

Andrzej demos the MGDP vehicle

Andrzej demos the MGDP vehicle

Mine's smaller than yours, Sun!

Mine is smaller than yours, Sun! ;-)

JStamp controlling Lego robot

JStamp embedded Java processor controlling
a Lego Mindstorms robot

Taking about the MGDP project

Talking about the MGDP project

It went thataway!

The MGDP vehicle went thataway!

Rick runs the MGDP demo

Rick takes a try at the MGDP controls!

The Systronix/Chaeron JavaOne 02 Team

The Systronix/Chaeron JavaOne '02 Team
(Rick, Andrzej, Bruce, David)

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