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To assist corporations in achieving their business and systems goals through the architecture, design, development and implementation of Service-Oriented applications with a focus on Web Services, ebXML, and J2EE technologies, targeted at B2B, EAI, eCommerce and Location-oriented (GPS) systems.

"Choose a [partner] who possesses a vision large enough to inspire the project to great things, the wisdom born from experience that knows what to worry about and what to ignore, the pragmatism necessary to make hard engineering decisions, and the tenacity to see this vision through to closure".

            - Grady Booch, Object Solutions: Managing the Object-Oriented Project


Chaeron GPS Library v 1.02 released (minor bug fix release, includes Bluetooth & Linux support)

New Select Engagement Project Overview posted for ebXML and Web Services project.

Mobile GPS Demonstration Platform (MGDP v1.5) project description and white paper posted.

New Technical Profile for Andrzej Taramina posted in the Team section

Perl source-code obfuscator, Shroud+, posted in Software section.

Gryffyn Graffyx Online Inventory Display web application demos posted.

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